BusinessCardFrontCircleJordan Alam is a writer, editor, doula, and social change educator based out of Seattle, Washington. A graduate of Barnard College in psychology and creative writing, she has gone on to pursue the dual careers of writing and direct services provision. By day, she coordinates the Birth Doula Services program at Open Arms Perinatal Services and runs her own doula practice. She is deeply passionate about empowering marginalized communities through promoting under-heard voices and serving those who have limited access to resources.

Her short stories and articles have appeared in The Atlantic, CultureStrike Magazine, The Rumpus, and AAWW’s The Margins; she has spoken at events including the Aspen Ideas Festival and the Eyes on Bangladesh exhibition. She is also the founder of the Asian American social justice publication, Project As[I]Am, and keeps a personal blog at The Cowation. At present, she is at work on a draft of her debut novel.

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