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I am a trained birth and postpartum doula offering services in the Seattle metro area. I’m so glad that you’re seeking out the support of a doula for your pregnancy and birth! Below is some information about doulas in general and my practice in specific. I also encourage you to take a look at my testimonials and photo gallery page to get a full feel of what it’s like to work with me! You can also find more information about me on my DoulaMatch profile.

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What is a doula?

What is reproductive justice?

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What is a doula?

A birth doula is a person who has been trained to provide emotional support, physical comfort, and informational resources for parents and families during labor. A doula helps to plan for a parent’s wishes during labor and delivery, and acts as an advocate to carry out those desires.

A postpartum doula is a person who has been trained to provide support to parents in the first weeks after the birth of their child. Postpartum doulas bring unique knowledge and experience in support of parent child bonding, infant feeding, and general comfort when recovering from labor and delivery.

What is reproductive justice?

Reproductive justice is a broad term for a movement that centers those who face the most challenges in having their reproductive needs and wants met – whether because of access issues, discrimination, and/or denial of respectful treatment. Established by women of color, the philosophy centers on the idea that everyone benefits when we support those of greatest need.

My doula work is committed to supporting those who are traditionally left out of conversations about their rights and choices around reproductive justice – especially women of color, trans and queer-identified people. I identify as queer, South Asian American, and Muslim, and these identities shape how I walk through the world. It is personally vital to my practice to help put power back into your hands, as well as providing comfort and support along the way.

My doula work

I came to doula work after several years of teaching workshops as a peer health educator and working in domestic violence response. Supporting people through life transitions has been a practice of mine – professionally and personally – for years. I trained with Ancient Song Doula Services, a community organization in New York City that primarily serves people of color and those who cannot afford a doula. In addition, one of my day jobs is coordinating the Birth Doula Services program at Open Arms Perinatal Services, a hub of no-cost doula support for families in Washington State.

I believe that all people deserve to have support during pregnancy and birth. To that end, I offer non-judgmental, comprehensive support to the families I work with so that you and your children have the best possible start. I am always so honored to be part of the birth experience; we get to build a relationship based on what you want and set out to make it happen!

Services and fees

Initial Visit (45 minutes – 1 hour) – A “meet and greet” session to answer your questions and get to know me (complimentary).

2 Prenatal Visits (2-4 hours) – This is when we will get to know one another and talk about your needs and desires for labor and delivery. We will flesh out a birth plan and desired comfort measures, discuss any fears/challenges around labor and delivery, and practice various labor support methods. I will also be available via phone, text, and email to answer questions and talk about labor and birth support.

Labor and Birth (hours range – see note) – I join you whenever and wherever you need support, and offer continuous attendance at your labor and delivery and for the first 2 hours postpartum. I advocate for your desired care wherever you’ve chosen to give birth, and I perform comfort measures throughout my time with you. I will also always have a backup doula in case of personal emergency or illness.

Note: I attend from when you call me to when you have given birth, and a few hours afterwards! For some of my clients, that has been 8 to 10 hours and for others it’s been as much as 72 hours. I prioritize you and your birth experience over all else.

Guaranteed backup – I work with a backup collective to ensure that — in the rare case of a personal emergency/illness — you will have a supportive doula at your labor. You can see more information about my backup team at their individual websites: Kristin Travis, Jen Hamilton, Michelle Walker, Mica Lewis.

2 Postpartum Visits (2-6 hours) – I will meet you the day after you’ve delivered to check in on you as you recover, offer breastfeeding support, and make plans for your transition into caring for baby. I also offer a second home visit within 1 month of your delivery to assist with care of your baby, light housework, and any emotional or informational support you are looking for.

Additional Postpartum Visits (optional) – I offer additional postpartum visits for clients who need a little extra support as they transition to parenthood. Please ask me specifically about these visits and we will determine a schedule.


The fee for my service is $1200.00. I ask for a $700 retainer fee when you hire me as a doula, and the remaining $500 to be paid by our first postpartum visit, one week after birth.

This fee supports me to not only provide quality services to those who can afford a doula, but to continue offering low- and no-cost birth doula services for clients that need it. If you fall into that category, I also want to work with you! Scroll down for information about my sliding scale program.

Community birth services

For those who are unable to afford my usual client rates, I offer a number of community birth services on a sliding scale each year. Please contact me with more information about your needs and we will come to an agreement.

I also work with and through the doula agency Open Arms Perinatal Services and am happy to connect you with their no-cost birth doula services program.

Contact and more information

Want more information or to book me as your doula? Email me at with ‘Doula Services’ in the subject line. Looking forward to hearing from you!